Purpose Driven Connection


The Purpose Driven Connection with Rick Warren

An inspirational, category-busting, multi-media subscription model and social network.

Challenge: Translate and monetize the passion, purpose and following of America’s most powerful pastor, Rick Warren, into an innovative Christian magazine and community that inspires and connects people around the world, to find a fulfill their life’s purpose.

Action: Created a category-busting, multi-media magazine and social network targeting the 40 million+ readers of Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life.” Used email and event marketing to convert Warren’s followers into subscribers and “opt-ins” to a highly-qualified direct marketing database, used to market an array of relevant Reader’s Digest products.

Result: Launched, managed and evolved The Purpose Driven Connection network, the world’s first, convergent platform that centered around an inspirational figure and magazine, corresponding DVDs, workbooks, a website site with innovative tools and a supportive, well-moderated community. Transformed the traditional ad-based revenue model for media platforms, into a multi-media, membership-driven, subscription service, with several distinct revenue streams, including ad sales, sponsorship, subscription fee and ecommerce.  PurposeDriven.com featured content from the print magazine, plus original editorial, a prayer blog, a robust and supported community, and exclusive interactive content and video sermons.Basic “magazine” content was available to the public, but only “subscribing members” could interact with the community and, most importantly, Rick Warren. Recouped RDA’s initial $8M investment within 18 months.


About Armor Up

Amy Katzenberg is an innovator and change agent who leverages consumer-insights, technology and more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing and product development, to help companies and brands identify and implement critical opportunities to maximize growth and overall performance

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