Tarantino Properties


Tarantino Properties

A high-touch, full-service commercial real estate firm.

Challenge: Enable a mid-sized, full-service, commercial real estate firm to better communicate its core offerings and value proposition to its current and potential customers. Optimize and create opportunities to cross-sell services and generate incremental deals and revenue.

Action: Conducted qualitative research with an array of Tarantino customers and key referrers to understand the insights and drivers that motivate them to select and engage with a commercial real estate firm. Worked with key business stakeholders and applied findings to create new brand positioning, a high-touch, data rich strategy and a multi-channel, tactical implementation plan.

Result: To activate Tarantino Properties’ updated brand positioning and unique value proposition, plans are now in place to roll out a new sales methodology and corresponding collateral materials, which deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time. The 18 month project implementation plan includes a overall marketing refresh, message mapping to primary customer personas, key man assignments and touch plans, sales training, customized, print-on-demand collateral, event marketing, a client-segmented website, targeted, relevant enewsletters and timely email alerts.


About Armor Up

Amy Katzenberg is an innovator and change agent who leverages consumer-insights, technology and more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing and product development, to help companies and brands identify and implement critical opportunities to maximize growth and overall performance

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