Balfour Yearbooks

REINVENTING THE YEARBOOK – May 2010 to November 2011

The Future of the Yearbook is Here

QR Code technology and streaming video transforms the printed yearbook forever.

Challenge: Reverse downward trend in yearbook sales and popularity. Increase consumer demand, yearbook buy rates & revenue. In doing so, differentiate Balfour among their competitive set and increase the company’s enterprise value. Along the way, take care to preserve the integrity of printed yearbook, and Balfour’s high-margin printing business.

Action: Created BAL4.TV, a technology driven product and platform that catapulted yearbooks into the modern age and established Balfour as industry leaders in innovation. Seamlessly integrated video into the printed yearbook, and committed to securely host that video for a guaranteed 30 years.

Result: Led a revolution in the yearbook industry by introducing QR Code technology and streaming video into the printed yearbook and launching a corresponding digital yearbook program, accessible on iPads, tablets and mobile devices.

In the age of Facebook, infused the traditional yearbook with new impact, making Balfour Yearbooks relevant in the digital age. With the launch of the BAL4.TV program, Balfour advanced its product offering and the category. As such, they took the lead in evangelizing and supporting the adoption of new technology to an array of constituents, from students and yearbook advisors, to parents, educators, and of course, the Balfour Sales Representatives, who were trained to sell in and support the new interactive yearbook program effectively.


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